A Genetic Programming Framework for .NET

The Genetic Programming Engine project is a framework for running Genetic Programming problems. You simply write up a few classes representing the problem you are trying to solve, plug them into the engine, and run.

What is Genetic Programming?

Genetic Programming (GP) is a technique that utilizes the principles of evolution and computer programming to solve problems.

The basics of the GP algorithm operate as follows. A large number of potential solutions – the Population – are tested against the problem. The results of this test are used to select high-performance solutions, which are then modified slightly to create the next Population. As the algorithm progresses, new modifications that improve the solutions will slowly percolate into the Population until a complete solution to the problem is found.

To learn more about Genetic Programming, visit the About page.


Genetic Programming Engine version 1.0 Released — 28 June 2005

The Genetic Programming Engine project made its initial release with version 1.0. The project provides a framework for conducting experiments in Genetic Programming.

Features in this release include:
- Create your own GP problems
- Support for custom genetic operations
- Controls for standard GP parameters
- Optional logs containing the results of each run
- Runs on the Mono Project's implementation of .NET

For more details on the project, and to learn how you can contribute, visit the project website:

Download the latest release: